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Every strategic emerging industries appear, it means the redistribution of wealth. Ren Zhiqiang, Wang Shi, Pan Shiyi, etc. have become the real estate chiefs, is to seize the real estate industry in the beginning of this strategic opportunity. And Ma, Li, Ma, etc. have become the Internet Gangster, BAT has become the Big Three today's networks, but also because of the opportunity to seize the early days of authentic jerseys cheap the Internet in this emerging industry, I believe many people in this 2nd big chance in both missed. Fortunately, God gave us a chance, that is characteristic of the mobile Internet micro-channel public numbers that point, one on one, fully enclosed, non-interference, strong relationships, heavy interaction, so companies can achieve through a micro-channel public platform for customers maintenance, brand marketing brand maintenance, public relations management, internal communication tools, employee relations and maintenance author interviewed IT Ltd general manager of Hangzhou Barye Xuzhang Sheng, 徐张?was one of the founders of the city and the Housing passers-E network. Xu made a fish tank theory: micro-channel public platform like is the aquarium fans is like fish, we use micro-channel public platform of the sea (the market) to attract the fish into the tank, and slowly raise up, often feeding ( There are regular push-based and business-related content, and goods and services), and other fattened raising strong inseparable aquarium, the fish will not run! And when companies send content to all the fans, will enter a misunderstanding. Many enterprises are a fan of fat content every day, but the content is not issued Success is Chicken Soup. Here Xu particularly excited, he emphasized that companies actually completely unnecessary fat content daily to the fans, because fans received each time content, in fact, the cost is very high for the fans. Issued by companies with enterprise content must be relevant, must be related to the Company's services and products, and what is sent must be crafted to be creative, to have transmissible. If no, do not send relevant content. Xu made a total of one month of content rule 5.0 Enterprise micro-channel public numbers, not surprised, but that support is authentic cheap jerseys now talking about micro-channel public enterprises and enterprise microblogging platform in the end what is the relationship? Enterprises in the end need not require the opening of enterprise microblogging? What is the key point of the micro-channel marketing is it? Xu speaks microblogging property is media properties, and property micro-channel is communication attributes of both products, the marketing of course, different. The relationship between the micro-Bo is weak ties, the relationship is a strong relationship between the micro-channel, so the two marketing conversion rate will be greatly different. Therefore, micro-channel marketing, micro broad set of numbers that is definitely not play in the micro channel play. But the micro-channel marketing can learn microblogging marketing places, but also need to leveraging microblogging marketing, so the micro-channel marketing is not a replacement microblogging marketing and key micro-channel marketing is a permission marketing, user attention of a micro-channel public number, and that is recognized by the micro-channel information sent over the public number. Also a word of mouth marketing, the content of the micro-channel user number issued public recognition, then the user will help you forwarded. Is also a very precise O2O marketing, direct online transactions can be converted into the next line consumption. The product can help companies be very good for micro-channel marketing. Micro-channel business treasure flagship product is the fist can give each company to develop a micro-channel can be accessed based on an internal Web site, will be called the micro-site. Besides introducing micro-enterprises on the basis of information the site, but also has launched a Big Wheel, scratch, micro-channel voting, customer appointments, membership cards and other micro-channel marketing tools, you can easily help companies develop new customers, transforming old customers. Barye information in the introduction of micro-channel business treasure the short two months, it has signed Hangcheng 300 companies. Including China's largest Audi 4S stores Zhejiang Austrian-car, Micro Signal is: ATU_AUDI, Zhejiang Aotong car in a month with a micro-channel marketing system after business treasure, just from the enterprise micro-channel public platform to sell a car worth a hundred Wan Audi A8. On May 25 on the 27th for three days, Zhejiang Austrian-car use micro-channel business treasure of Big Wheel marketing tool, launched a sweepstakes, attracting three million people participated in activities affecting hundreds of thousands of Bay far in Luoyang Amusement Park also with Barye cooperation, and the Bay followed by a micro-channel business treasure marketing system, the rapid increase in fans, but fans activity increased significantly May 20 launch of scratch activity, and all prizes in the morning it was all the fans robbed empty.